Welcome to the website of the Mafia, a classic rock covers band based in Hampshire.

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Sat 11th Apr  The Wicor Mill, Portchester
Fri 17th Apr  Lord Raglan, Emsworth
Sat 18th Apr  The Dolphin, St Denys
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Sat 29th Feb The Swan, Woolston
Fri 28th Feb The Heroes, Waterlooville
Sat 22nd Feb The Yacht Tavern, Southampton
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Well it's all been taken out of our hands now and we aren't expecting to be able to play gigs for a couple of months at least

& the fact is, the less we all go out, the quicker this virus will bugger off & leave us alone!

So please be sensible, stay safe & all try to do your bit coz we want to be back out playing heavy metal rock n roll as soon as is humanly possible!

In the mean time we'll just have to have fun on Facebook & Twitter :)

Team MAFIA x