Welcome to the website of the Mafia, a classic rock covers band based in Hampshire.

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Fri 29th Sep  The Heroes, Waterlooville
Sat 30th Sep  Seagull, Fareham
Fri 6th Oct  The Curlew, Havant
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Sat 23rd Sep The Cabin, Elmer
Sat 16th Sep The Fareham, Fareham
Fri 8th Sep The Swan, Woolston
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There have been a few problems with noise complaints at the Seagull in Fareham recently & the venue has had to install a new noise limiter to make sure the volume doesn't exceed environmental heath regulations
We're there this Saturday & altho heavy metal rock n roll can't be played too quietly, we will be keeping the volume of everything down as much as possible & HOPE that the limiter doesn't cut in & stop us playing! ...it was that or have to cancel the gig!
We don't need another venue closing locally so fingers crossed it works out ok & hope to see some of you there! :-)