Welcome to the website of the Mafia, a classic rock covers band based in Hampshire.

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Sat 15th Dec  The Cabin, Elmer
Fri 28th Dec  The Heroes, Waterlooville
Sat 5th Jan  Private party, Swanage
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Fri 7th Dec The Swan, Woolston
Sat 1st Dec Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport
Fri 30th Nov The Heroes, Waterlooville
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After all these years we’ve finally gotten “Down with the kids” & now have our own You Tube channel! :-)
Our Jamie is in control of the page & will be regularly adding BOTH new & old MAFIA videos to it as & when time permits!
Go on, you know you want to ...click on the link below, then hit the “Subscribe” button & join in the fun! :-) :-) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnMeRUlO4__RIvf3b4zDdnA

The MAFIA have a new email address, so if you want to email us from now on it's now petethemafiarocks@gmail.com :-)